Magical Christmas Photo Editing


My Magical and imaginative Christmas photo shoots in Portishead, Bristol, have been successfully running for the last 2 years.

Now with the Covid19 situation, not everybody is comfortable with having their children sat on Santa's have the perfect opportunity in place for a "Digital Santa" to be added to photos. 


It doesn't just have to be Santa, it can also be Reindeers, Polar Bears, 12 days of christmas, Flying down the hill on a sledge, becoming a small cookie cutter "snow" angel, sitting in a Christmas window scene watching Rudolph fly past.

Christmas should be full of imagination and magic, so my creative photo composites really capture the magic in Christmas and make your children smile!

Choose from a variety of different backdrops

Take your photo on a plain background like a solid colour wall or outside on a cloudy day in front of a bush or house wall etc.

One edit sent digitally = £25

Send me your photo and your background choice to

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