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Do you have a photo that you would like to be edited?

Either a basic touch up or a removal of an object or person or even a restoration of an old image you have.  

Photographers - do you need help outsourcing your images?

I can offer competitive rates to do your culling, cropping, editing and even more advanced

editing like face swaps or background changes.  

I love editing photos and I also love to help out other Photographers, be it local or global.

I offer Outsource editing for photographers who want to add composites to their packages but don't have the knowledge to do it themselves.

Would you like a photo of your child put into one of my Makememagical Digital Backgrounds that I have or have something bespoke created from one of your favourite images?  

Basic editing on Lightroom is charged at £0.50 per image (minimum of 20)

Advanced editing using Lightroom and Photoshop is charged at £3 per image (minimum of 10) 

Creative editing using Lightroom and Photoshop is charged at £10 per image.

My unique artistic composite images start from £50 (using your own photo) depending on complexity and your vision.  I can use your own photos or get you booked in for your own shoot in my photography studio at my home in Portishead, Bristol at Makememagical Photography and Digital Art.  You can find more information on my other website Katie Forshaw Photography.

Check out my Before and After page to see more of my editing and check out my instagram page @makememagicaluk or @katie_forshaw_photography

The video below shows an example of a "creative edit".

Makememagical Photography and Digital Art.

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