Stuck for photography ideas in lockdown?

So, I get it.

You miss your photography sessions right?

You miss shooting with people.

Well, for the time being you can't, so this means we need to get creative!

For me composite photography is the answer to all my stresses. I love creating new digital backdrops using Photoshop for editing.

You can use water for macro droplets, flowers for newborns, toys for making miniature lands, barbies (in fact i have seen some great barbie weddings and lego figure concerts floating about Facebook these past few weeks!)

My husband thinks I am totally mad, but I went on Amazon the other day and found a box of miniature toy dinosaurs and I knew right away I had to buy them!

When I see things like that, I think of all the possibilities and fun to be had with them. Adding saddles to them digitally, adding kids riding them. Macro photography in the garden even!

I had fun with my clients using my dinosaur digital backdrops that I made last year. I'll be putting out a new set using the toys very soon!


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