Want to learn how to do composite photography editing?

Do you want to learn how to extract someone from a photo and place them in a totally new scene?

This type of digital artwork is called "compositing" You compose a new piece of art using various other photographs and stock using Photoshop and blend it all together.

This sounds easy enough but it is actually very difficult to get the lighting, blending, colour matching and shadows correct. I have been using Photoshop for over 15 years and I still haven't perfected it!

A couple of months ago I was approached by some other talented digital artists to come together to provide people with our combined knowledge and put together a video library of tutorials for people to learn and refine their compositing skills.

From Photoshop 101 category, through to full on detailed lighting and refining, we cover everything you need to start your compositing journey. Even the contracts, model releases, marketing and potential pricing structure for you to earn money from your photography clients with composites.

Come and join us over at Compositecon

We also have a dedicated members only support group for our monthly and annual subscribers on Facebook and a public Compositecon Education group too.

Our subscribers

also benefit from free digital backdrops, overlays, actions, and bonus material every single month - just one of the little perks from joining!


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