How to paint digital hair on Photoshop with Makememagical
  • How to paint digital hair on Photoshop with Makememagical

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    Ever wondered how to draw hair in Photoshop?


    Add fine whispy hair even if you cannot mask it off properly on your original photo - just paint it back in!


    I provide you with the stock Photoshop brushes to learn to paint and also some pre painted PSD files that I have previously made and sell in my shop.


    I have included 3 PSD files for you to play with and add on to your digital artwork too!


    You may use these files for your own practise on Photoshop. Please do not use them commerically or resell, or redistribute or claim credit for them.


    By purchasing this tutorial you agree to not teach how to paint hair for 1 year.

    I also have this tutorial on my subscription site compositecon


      Zip file for the downloads

      MP4 for the video - this will be sent within 24 hours.

      PSD for the hair files

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